Joshua Robinson
Horror Author


Joshua Robinson is a horror author based in London. His short stories have appeared in Lovecraftiana magazine and Tales to Terrify podcast, among others. He has one published novella, The Devil's Gift, and his first novel, Clarette, will be published in September 2023.


The Clarette Trilogy - Book 1
Raven Tale Publishing. September, 2023

The Devil's Gift
Ghost Orchid Press. April, 2022

Short Stories

"Rise of Thallhula" - Lovecraftiana
(August, 2023)

"The Silver Serpent" - Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing
(December, 2022)

"The Dark Gift" - Ghost Orchid Press
(March, 2021)

"Dream Getaway" - Ghost Orchid Press
(January, 2021)

"Home" - Tales to Terrify
(August, 2020)

"Blessing in a Bun" - Night Picnic Journal
(February, 2020)

"Camping Local" -  Coffin Bell Journal
(January, 2020)